Sea, rest and sun

The 19th of November 2017

Jan and Wayne left Tidesong with the high tide. Hugh brought them to the opposite riverbank with his boat.
We'll probably see them again later on...
Today was a lazy day: I haven't much to tell, except that it feels good to relax in a nice place... and that Marie-Laure's ankle isn't swollen anymore. Youhouhou !

Wayne and Jan's departure
Craig, Adriana, and 3 other TA hikers arrived today and we'll leave with them tomorrow. Ocean Beach is waiting for us !

Enjoying the good weather in the mangrove
The cabin... the hiker's threat

The mangrove during the low tide


  1. jolîî fothoChop.

    1. Je n'ai pas photoshop mais mon appareil photo me permet de prendre directement ce genre de photo.

    2. Génial ! profite-zen.


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