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Hiking gear : how to choose ?

A question that we're regularly asked is about what we'll bring with us. And that's a good question, indeed. We decided that we want to carry a backpack that would be as light as possible. We aim at carrying less than 9 kg each (without water and food). To achieve this, we need reliable, light, adapted hiking gear. On Tuesday, we went to our sponsor's shop ( Seeonee - have a look at sponsor page if you want to know more about them) and we spent nearly 5 hours there. Augustin, one of the shop owners, helped us in a friendly and efficient way. He explained us the technical differences between the different products and assisted in selecting the most adapted gear. We'll test it in the next few weeks before coming back for the remaining stuff needed (some had to be ordered). So, what did we choose ? For the shoes, Marie-Laure decided to go for a pair of Aku Slope GTX while I choosed the Millet Friction . I usually use shoes that protect my ankles, but taking