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Testing our new tent MSR Hubba Hubba NX   Training in Belledonne We're back ! We spent an amazing time in France on GR 738 , where we hiked in breathtaking places during 8 days.  High peaks, lakes, clouds, thunderstorms, sun, chamois, ibex,... this high elevation path gave us everything we would have dreamed of. Despite the fact that I had experienced some back pain early July, we  decided to give a try to this new trail and carry 4 to 5 days of food and the full material for the bivouacs. Marie-Laure was kind enough to carry a little more, and we ended up with 11 to 13 kilograms each of us.   Travelling clouds What did we carry in our backpack? - A tent for 2 - Our sleeping bags - Our small sleeping pads (120cm long only) - A sleeping bag sheet - A 1 liter pot for cooking - 2 mugs (1 for each) - A stove - 2 spoons - A lighter - Sandals for the evening - A rain jacke - A jumper for the cold evenings and a thin layer to add just in case Marie-Laure