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The backpack for New Zealand is ready !

Tonight is my last night at home before end May... What I am thinking about is my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours,... that I won't be able to hug soon. It feels weird. I will miss them. In Belgium, the country is so small that we see each other very often, so we're not really used to stay away for such a long period. In a few hours, I will remove my computer from my desk. This way, Manon, who will stay here during our travel, will have some place for her own computer. Because I don't want to think too much tonight (I want to be able to sleep !), I decided to spend some time writing about something I promised a few month ago : the content of my backpack. The total weight will be less than what's written in the total, because we are 2 and many thinks can be used by both of us. If I divide by 2 the weight of the common material, I obtain around 8,5 kg. To that, we'll have to add the food and the water. We hope we'll be able to hike wi

Final preparations

  Time flies...   In January, we informed our employers or clients that we were leaving in a few months. The same month, we booked our plane tickets. We then concentrated on the practical aspects of our travel : buying the material (thank you Seeonee ), studying the maps (thanks to the great Te Araroa trust website ), making new orthopedic soles (thank you CBAO ), finding someone that would take care of our flat, asking for a 6-months visa for New Zealand (and getting it), finishing our phone/Internet/television contract, as well as our mobile phone postpaid deal, communicating about our project in the medias ( radio and newspapers ) and... training in the moutains . And here we are now, ready to leave in a few days. We'll first travel in the indian Himalayas, from end September till October. End of October, we will say goodbye to India and fly to Auckland, in New Zealand. It will be the start of the longest hike of our lives... Yesterday evening, I was in my bed, tr