Rotorua and its volcanic activity

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th December
We left our friends on Tuesday morning. Wayne went to work and Jan dropped us at the bus stop before starting to work as well.
We had decided to stop one night in Rotorua and enjoy some of the most popular touristic sites of New-Zealand.

I won't tell much about the visits, you'll see some more pictures down here. Just something about the geysers. Without kidding, waiting for a geyser to erupt for one hour, and seeing that it happens, the power of the water, the sound of the eruption, the sight of the water high in the airs... It has the same effect on me than a beautiful end in a movie : I started crying. It was so beautiful...
On Wednesday, after visiting Wai-o-tapu, we took our bus back to Hamilton. From there, we still had 14km to hike before reaching our destination of the day, Whatawhata. We arrived just after the sunset. It was a pleasant walk through the farmlands.

The mountain at the back is Pirongia, we'll be there in a few days

At the pub where we pitched our tent, there were already 5 young Americans, that had just finished their 1st day of hike. It as refreshing to see them and they were really friendly and welcoming. Hope to see them again later on the trail!


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