The backpack for New Zealand is ready !

Tonight is my last night at home before end May... What I am thinking about is my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours,... that I won't be able to hug soon. It feels weird. I will miss them. In Belgium, the country is so small that we see each other very often, so we're not really used to stay away for such a long period.

In a few hours, I will remove my computer from my desk. This way, Manon, who will stay here during our travel, will have some place for her own computer.

Because I don't want to think too much tonight (I want to be able to sleep !), I decided to spend some time writing about something I promised a few month ago : the content of my backpack.

The total weight will be less than what's written in the total, because we are 2 and many thinks can be used by both of us. If I divide by 2 the weight of the common material, I obtain around 8,5 kg. To that, we'll have to add the food and the water. We hope we'll be able to hike with less than 12kg each. Maybe, we'll decide to abandon some of our stuffs after a few days of walk ;-).

Tomorrow, however, I'll leave Belgium with way much more weight than that. The backpack below is for the Te Araroa trail. But before hitting the trail there, I'll first go to India, where Marie-Laure will join me the 23rd of September. And I decided to pack different clothes for India...

So next time I'll write, it will be from the Himalayas. See you there !

Article Weight Remarks
On me
Trousers Fjallraven Keb Gaiter with zip

Hiking shoes


Socks in merino

Long sleeves shirt

Hidden pocket belt

Patagonia hat

Hiking sticks

In the backpack
Backpack Osprey 58L Exos M 1050
Raincover Osprey 122
Hydration reservoir MSR 180
2 bags for the small materials 50
1 waterproof 20 L bag 52
To sleep
Sleeping pad Neoair Xlite Small 230 Smaller than my body
Sleeping bag Valandré Mirage 3/4 M 773
Tent MSR Hubba Hubba NX 1720 For the 2 of us
Footprint MSR 200 For the 2 of us
Liner Sea to Summit extreme 356
Good smell necessary
Soap 20 For the 2 of us
Toothbrush 15
Toothpaste 30 For the 2 of us
Towel small 50
5 stars restaurant
Kitchen towell (cut in 4) 15 For the 2 of us
Lightmyfire lighter 28 For the 2 of us
Stove 75 For the 2 of us
Fuel 374 For the 2 of us
Cooking pot 1L Primus 227 For the 2 of us
Big cup sea to summit 68
Heavy plastic fork/spoon Sea to Summit 10
Swiss knife Victorinox 40
Because we prefer to survive
Pharmacy 300 For the 2 of us
Solar cream 62 For the 2 of us
Hiking maps 100 For the 2 of us
Watch with altimeter Suunto 54 For the 2 of us
Water filter MSR 275 For the 2 of us
Whistle 8
Heavy survival blanket 200
Rope 4 mm Béal – 10 m 108 For the 2 of us
Rain jacket Patagonia 400
Long sleeve shirt 170
T-shirt 140
Merino long underwear pants 111
Bra 60
Socks in merino (2) 170
Underwear in merino (1) 30
Large light scarf 139
Light gloves 27
Merino Buff 48
Merino hat 33
Teva sandals 593
Short ex officio 168
Warm polar fleece Patagonia 360
Light jumper in cachemire wool 160
And more
Notebook Moleskine 50
Pen 5
Kindle 205
USB charger cable 16
Reusable tissue 11
Camera and charger 400 For the 2 of us
Headlight Black Diamond 86
Phone 150
Passeport 35
Driving license 10
Some money

Bank cards



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