About us

We are 2 women in our thirties. We believe in slow travels : hiking many weeks in one place gives us the possibility to slow down the pace of our life and to take the time to really look around us and meet people.

No hurry. Time.
No quantity. Quality.

For 6 years now, we have travelled together.

Marie-Laure is a practical mind, she knows what she wants and acts in consequence. She connects easily with people from every culture and kids love her.

Emilie is a Girl Scout. She likes project planning, campfires and feels home in the nature. She is also passionate about Human Rights.

Both of us decided to dedicate one year of our life to a long hike. At first, we were planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in the US. But taking into account the political situation there, we changed our mind and re-routed to the Te Araroa Trail in NZ.


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